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Intentional Living



“When you get right down to it, intentional living is about living your

best story.”


~ John C. Maxwell ~

Intentional Living: Choosing a Life That Matters

What Are The Goals Of The Group?


Most people are very busy, and successful people even more so. But being busy isn’t the same as being productive—and being productive isn’t the same as being intentional about what you do. Quite often, people drift through their days at the mercy of their schedules and chaos. Getting them to take responsibility for their days will require a shift in how they see the world.


  • Understand the difference between good intentions and intentional living

  • Discover their unique purpose

  • Embrace the mindset of valuing and adding value to people

  • Develop partnerships with others to make a difference

  • Make a habit of anticipating and seizing opportunities for intentional acts kindness

  • Choose a life that matters

What Will The Mastermind Group Include?


Workshop Includes:

  • One copy of "Intentional Living" book written by John Maxwell   ($27 Value)

  • Intentional Living Mastermind Group workbook   ($24.99 Value)

  • Weekly participation in the Intentional Living Mastermind Group   ($1,250 Value)

  • Access to the 7 Day Experience

  • Access to the 30 Day Journey   ($39 Value)

  • Free 1 hour coaching session   ($125 Value) 

  • $500 discount on 1 year of one-on-one professional coaching



What Will My Investment Be?



When, Where, What Time

When:  Once A Week On Tuesdays  


     Delray Beach, FL 33444

What Time:

  • Session One:     Tuesday, October 11th  @  11:30 AM 

  • Session Two:     Tuesday, October 18th  @  11:30 AM  

  • Session Three:  Tuesday, October 25th  @  11:30 AM  

  • Session Four:    Tuesday, November 1st  @  11:30 AM 

  • Session Five:     Tuesday, November 8th  @  11:30 AM  

  • Session Six:       Tuesday, November 15th   @  11:30 AM

  • Session Seven:  Tuesday, November 22nd  @  11:30 AM

  • Session Eight:    Tuesday, November 29th  @  11:30 AM

  • Session Nine:    Tuesday, December 6th  @  11:30 AM

  • Session Ten:      Tuesday, December 1th  @  11:30 AM

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