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My Team Needs Me

When I think of the concept of teams I am reminded of the all important fact that I need others in order to achieve all that I have set out to accomplish in life and to complete the fullness of the task that are placed before each day.

Just like how both hemispheres of the brain work together in concert to allow the demonstration of a fully functional human body, a working team of individuals will never be able to achieve its highest level of potential and productivity without embracing the value of the team concept. John C. Maxwell has said it this way, “One is too small a number to achieve greatness.”

In my personal experience, I have seen a number of product launches fall flat in initial sales because the team found it hard to work together on the product launch. They worked in their own silos, on their own task, and failed to collaborate. As a result, they missed the opportunity as a team to work together not just on completing a project or bringing a new product to the market in a successful way but they missed out on the opportunity of using the collective mind and creativity of the group to help move their individual good ideas to a place of becoming great ideas through collaboration in the context of a healthy team.

In the Christian faith there is a verse that says, “Two are better than one, because they have a good reward for their toil.” I find this statement incredibly interesting when thinking of the team concept. Just think about it. Everyone loves a good reward but let’s face it, often times it can be difficult to work with other people especially given the difference of opinions, perspectives, and personality types. It can be easy for most independent, introverted, or driven individuals to sit down and generate a lengthy list of all the reasons why they would prefer to not work closely with others on a project. After all, what if they don’t do their part, do a bad job, or if they are just a terrible team member?

Well, you could get caught up in that type of self centered Stinkin Thinkin or you could seek to push past your comfort zone and risk working together in an attempt to build a greater outcome and reward for the toil of bringing a project to a close or a product to the market. Two are most definitely better than one. When a team member is self centered and refuses to lean in and deeply engage in the team concept, they personally are robbed of the deeper critical thinking process which causes them to miss out on the personal and professional growth that naturally occurs in such environments. In addition, they rob the team of the depth of their knowledge, experience, and expertise which could be key in the personal and professional development of others on the team. Ultimately, when members on a team refuse to engage in teamwork it becomes a lose-lose situation for everyone.

We are truly better together. Make it your mission to do your part to be a great team member and to help build a great teams.

Craig Ratliff

Unbroken Resolve

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